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8 Signs You Might Never Ever Get Married

Loading... The sanctity of marriage is not for everyone. It is hard work and a lot of compromise. Couples who stay together for years and years amaze us. There are so many things one has to give up in order to be in a committed relationship. You might not be …

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Shoulder pain increases heart disease risk

If you are facing shoulder problems, they may be due to some heart disease risk factors – not just physical strain, warns a new study. “If someone has rotator cuff problems, it could be a sign that there is something else going on. They may need to manage risk factors …

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The vitamin that baby needs does not belong to breast

Mothers must take vitamin D supplements to protect their newborns from crippling illnesses, a new study warns. A fifth of American newborns (roughly 800,000 babies a year) are vitamin D deficient, figures show, leaving them at risk of brittle bones and rickets. Mothers are urged to breastfeed, if possible, in …

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